Peanut Black Sesame Soup 花生芝麻糊

Peanuts are also known as longevity fruit because peanuts are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E can resist oxidation and delay aging, also can promote follicular development, maintain the health of the ovaries, stimulate the secretion of estrogen.

Use peanuts to maintain the health of the ovaries, and the red outside layer should be kept. Chinese medicine believes that peanut red clothes have the effect of nourishing blood, suitable for people with blood deficiency and easy bleeding. Spleen deficiency, patients with cholecystitis are not suitable to eat peanuts.

Peanut Black Sesame Soup

Black sesame, peanuts, rock sugar

1) Washed and drained Black sesame seeds and peanuts
2) dry roast the black sesame and peanuts separately, then blend it with a blender to become powder
3) Add boiling water and rock sugar and stir it into a paste.

2 thoughts on “Peanut Black Sesame Soup 花生芝麻糊”

    1. the portion can be 1:1:1 or 2:1:1
      sugar depends on your preference. there is no fixed amount that i can mention as everyone has different taste level on sweet.

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