Hormone deficiency in ovaries and uterus

The human body is full of hormones and the female reproductive system is no exception. Estrogen, androgen, and adrenal hormones are all vital for good health and problems can arise when they get out of balance. Hormone deficiencies in the ovaries and uterus can be the root problem of a number of issues such as acne well past a woman’s teenage years, problems with general skin health, osteoporosis and advanced aging.


Acne is an embarrassing issue for most teenagers, but unfortunately some have the problem follow them into adulthood. Too much estrogen secretion is often the root cause of excessive acne for those who are diligent about cleansing and proper skincare. When glands within the body are producing too much estrogen , there are things which can be done. A healthy diet can go a long way, including eating foods which help reduce sebum secretion and control acne breeding. Those include fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, such as apples, watermelon, cucumber, bitter gourds, etc.

Dull, Itchy Skin

It seems like the older we get, the less elastic and supple our skin becomes. Skin problems come with age and those suffering from dull, itchy skin can attribute the condition to a lack of estrogen. Skin is designed to hold water, but the amount of estrogen in the body plays a direct role in how hydrated skin can be. Prematurely aging skin can be a sign of decreased ovarian function as estrogen levels decline. A healthy, more nourishing diet is vital for improved estrogen levels. Traditional Chinese nourishing methods include old duck, black-bone chicken, white fungus, tofu, soy milk and green leafy vegetables to help hydrate.


One of the most common ailments among the elderly is osteoporosis. Symptoms include back pain, shortened height, increase risk of fracture and even a curvature of the spine. Weakening of the bones is associated with a decline of estrogen. Estrogen helps to evenly distribute calcium among our bones, making them stronger. During menopause, as estrogen declines, the symptoms of osteoporosis can become evident.

Advanced Aging

One of the most noticeable changes to women’s bodies as they age is the shape, particularly in the breasts. Estrogen plays a key role in breast development and shape. When estrogen levels drop, so does the moisture level in the body. This can lead to advanced aging and the body loses its youthful tightness. Advanced aging can also have a negative effect on mods and behavior including irritability.

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